Easter is nearly here and whether you’re celebrating with a brunch or lunch, we have compiled a great wine-enriched menu for you to try. Whilst it’s good to choose a wine that feels both seasonal and meal appropriate, it’s important to choose a wine you like. That’s why it’s useful to experiment, to find your favourite. Luckily, we have a tasting selection so you can do just that.

No matter what your personal preferences are, it all comes down to the predominant structure and flavour characteristics of the food and how they change the taste of the wine. Whilst previous blogs have discussed the guidelines to pairing wine, this article is all about all about our recommendations for the Easter weekend.

The Salad Starter
A fresh green salad makes a fantastic starter for sunny spring lunches. Whatever the weather does, and let’s face it we don’t have any control, we can always rely on a vibrant and zesty white wine. Asparagus salad with a glass of our Grüner is a pairing we always get excited for. The double Austrian match is a highlight of spring cuisine, especially when it’s combined with fresh tomatoes. Most crisp white wines will pair well with salads, but simple and light salads showcase your choice of wine best.

The Main Meal
This year we’ve gone for a traditional rack of lamb with mint sauce. Lamb’s subtle flavours demand a wine that won’t mask them, so it's safest to go for a medium-bodied red wine. When it comes to sauces, like the trusty mint sauce, it’s best to match the strength and profile of the flavours. But our canned St Laurent and Gamay are a great option for most lamb styles, especially a traditional rack. If white wine is your tipple of choice then go for a creamy oaked white, such as our Barrel Aged Verdejo.

The Vegan Option
Vegan options have moved forward so much in the last 5 years alone, we were spoiled for choice. The dish we’ve selected for this menu is great for whatever your plans are: BBQ chickpea and cauliflower flatbreads with avocado mash. We chose this dish for its complexity and refreshing taste. That’s why you need an equally great wine to pair with it, our suggestion is a can of Grenache Rosé.

The Side of Greens
When it comes to spring vegetables, you’re spoiled for choice. Try and match the character of the greens with the character of the wine. For example, if you like creamy vegetables go for rich whites like a Viognier, or if you prefer a roasted selection we recommend a medium-bodied red like our St Laurent. The vegetables, whilst important in creating a spectacular feast, aren’t the main stars. That's why we recommend always pairing wine with the main meal and adjusting the side plates to match.

The Easter Cheese board
Nothing says Easter like a seasonal cheese board with a glass of wine. A cheese board is much more than a selection of unique cheeses and snacks, it’s a place to gather and enjoy good conversation. Every celebration deserves a delicious cheese board with a selection of exciting choices to tuck in to. We like to form the foundations of our cheese board with mature cheddar or baked camembert garnished with rosemary, several types of fresh seasonal produce, dried stone fruits and of course crackers. From here it’s up to you, but you can’t forget the wine. We love to pair this cheese board with a can of our Old Vine Garnacha

For vegan cheese pairing ideas, head over to our blog

The Easter Chocolate
What’s Easter without chocolate? As the children hunt for their easter eggs you can take the opportunity to sit back and relax. If you fancy elevating your chocolaty experience then we’ve created a series of luxury chocolate pairings for you to try.

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