Mother’s Day offers a great opportunity to spoil your mum with award-winning wine in beautiful sustainable cans. Whether you are planning a large home cooked meal or special beach BBQ, we have got you covered for Mother’s Day! Read below for our Mother's Day guide to matching your celebratory can of wine with food.

The basics of pairing wine with food
Finding a great food and wine pairing is a great moment, but can be tricky. That’s why we’ve created 5 simple guidelines that you can follow to skilfully pair your Mother’s Day wine with food:
  1. Try to compliment or contrast the wines with food
  2. Choose wines that are more acidic or sweeter than the foods you’re eating
  3. Choose wines with a similar level of intensity to the food i.e. light food, light wine
  4. Salty and fatty foods lower tannins, bringing out the fruit character of the wine
  5. Bitter wines clash with bitter foods, so avoid dry red wines
When choosing wine for Mother's Day, think about how you will be celebrating and the food you are serving. Pay particular attention to the food’s structural and flavour characteristics and cooking methods and find a complimentary wine. White wines like our Grüner or Viognier suit celebratory picnics whilst full-bodied reds like our Old Vine Garnacha are better matches for hearty home cooked meals.

Brunch at home
Mother’s Day is about treating your mum, what better than treating her to a homemade brunch? Whether going with a late breakfast style meal or an array of dishes, we’ll help you out with pairing your creation (or takeaway order) with wine. A fruity Grenache Rosé or a ripe and velvety Barrel Aged Verdejo work well with a range of plates, or if your mother is particularly fond of reds then a St Laurent is your best option. Here are our brunch pairings for you to try:
  • Croque Monsieur served with a Barrel Aged Verdejo.
  • Savoury Crepes topped with mushroom and ham served with a Grenache Rosé.
  • Baked oatmeal with black berries coupled with a St Laurent.
  • Welsh Rarebit served with a can of Old Vine Garnacha.

Picnic in the park
As we break into spring and the flowers are coming into bloom, a Mother's Day picnic may be the perfect way of sharing an afternoon in the sun. We all have our favourite picnic foods from potato salad to charcuterie boards and tapas, but if you’re looking for food which is going to be ideal for eating outside with your wine then look no further:
  • Creamy potato salad or Mediterranean pasta salad served with Grüner Veltliner.
  • Skewers of cooked prawns sprinkled with olive oil and herbs paired with a Viognier.
  • Chorizo and potato tortillas with a can of St Laurent.
  • Toasted bread spread with crushed tomatoes, olive oil and salt served with Old Vine Garnacha.
  • Basket of sliced baguette bread and plain crackers match most wines.
Read more about preparing a great picnic.

BBQ on the beach
A beach BBQ is a great location for a Mother’s Day meal, but does require a little more preparation so don’t forget to stock up on a selection of great wine and complimentary food. The right wine pairings will turn your BBQ into a Mother’s Day memory loved for years to come. When on the beach seafood works best, our top suggestions are:
  • Grilled vegetables and shrimp go excellently with Grüner Veltliner.
  • Grilled sardines paired with Viognier.
  • Halloumi and red pepper skewers with Barrel Aged Verdejo.
  • Beef burgers with Turkish bread and salad are fantastic served with a can of Old Vine Garnacha.
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What would a Mother’s Day feast be without an indulging desert paired with a luscious wine? Whether at the park, on the beach or wherever you spend Mother’s Day we believe that pudding is the best course of any feast so treat yourself.

As like the main course, when pairing wine with sweet puddings there are several simple guidelines that you can follow to get the best. Become a master in 5 simple tips:
  1. Try to match the flavours in your dessert with your wine, but it’s best not to always match sweetness
  2. Choose a fortified, naturally sweet or dessert wine for best results
  3. Choose oaked and aged wines with toasty, nutty notes for nutty desserts
  4. Try to avoid dry red wines
  5. Try to pick a white wine with a natural sweetness or honeyed nuance
  6. Try a crisp and refreshing white wine with overly sweet and syrupy puddings
We don’t yet offer sweet dessert wines but do recommend Tokaji Sweet Wines or port for a beautiful wine that pairs with sweet desserts. If you’re mother is fond of more savoury desserts then we propose:
  • A selection of your mum’s favourite cheeses paired with a can of Grüner Veltliner.
  • Raspberry pie served with our Grenache Rosé.

Read more about pairing our wine with desserts.

Happy Mother's Day from The Canned Wine Co. team!

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