January - the month to start a challenge and try something new. As in previous years, more and more people are giving Veganuary a try - a pledge to try a plant-based diet for a month. By the end of January 2022, the Veganuary movement expects to engage over 2 million participants! With Canned Wine Co.'s wines all being vegan-friendly, we started a quest to sample new vegan products and pair them with our wines.

Choosing a pairing

Wine and cheese is a classic combination - but what about wine with vegan cheese? After perusing blogs and recommendations, we came across Tyne Chease from Newcastle. Their Selection Box includes 10 artisanal mini "cheases" on a cashew basis, each a different flavour.

Our review

As huge cheese lovers this was definitely something different! While we struggled a bit to see the similarity to cheese, it was a great hearty alternative to add to crackers or a slice of bread. The selection box means that you can try many different flavours, ranging from truffle, sun-dried tomato to za'atar spice. 

Canned Wine Co. pairings

Canned Wine Co. St Laurent red wine from Austria paired with vegan cheese


For the dill chease we recommend our zippy Grüner with complementing herbaceous flavours. Our peachy Viognier can be paired with the garlic chease, which helps balance the slight oak flavours in this white wine. With chives and cream being a classic combo, we recommend the chive chease to be paired with our creamy, lemony Barrel Aged Verdejo.

Our Grenache Rosé, a dry but fruity Provence-style rosé, works well with the pink peppercorn chease - as spice can balance the strawberry and clementine fruit aromas. The aromatic sun-dried tomato chease can be paired with the juicy St Laurent red wine, while the truffle and smoked cheases need a much bolder red wine, such as our Old Vine Garnacha.

Canned Wine Co. Old Vine Garnacha red wine paired with vegan cheese

Let us know in the comments what vegan-friendly foods we should try to pair with our wines next!


* Tyne Chease kindly gifted the Selection Box


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