Hey, we’re the team at Canned Wine Co. and we’re all about making delicious, high-quality wines accessible to everyone in the most sustainable way we can. That’s why we’re obsessed with brilliant winemakers and working with them to deliver their wine in our small, perfectly portioned cans – without compromise.

Product line of five premium quality canned wines by the brand Canned Wine Co. The wines are Grüner, Viognier, Grenache Rosé, St Laurent and Old Vine Garnacha

How do we do it?

Our team of buyers do the really hard job of tasting a plethora of different, exciting wines and working out what drinks best. This means working with some of Europe’s finest winemakers; enter the likes of Michel Huber, Norrel Robertson MW, Thierry Boudinaud, Laurent Miquel, Walter Glatzer and Javier Sanz. They know what they’re doing and make fantastic wines, so it’s our job to make sure we protect that quality right through the canning process.

Winemaker in Aragon, Spain, harvesting Garnacha grapes by hand in autumn

We import these wines in bulk to the market of sale, helping to lower some of those nasty emissions and the big CO2 impact of heavy weight glass logistics. We can them under a strict technical eye so that we can capture the best of the wine, like taking a photograph of an ideal moment in time. Once it’s in the can, it’s airtight, so it isn’t going to get any better – that’s why we do all the work to get the wine to its best drinking moment first. This means when you pop the seal, you’ll experience the wine in the best light it can be.

Can of white wine sold by Canned Wine Co. with the grape variety Gruner Veltliner being cracked open

Why do we do it?

Simon and Lisa were inspired to launch Canned Wine Co. in the spring of 2019. The pair are passionate about great food and drink, but you don’t always want to open a whole bottle of wine with dinner. A smaller amount of something great always appealed more than a lot of something average. After attending a festival in the summer later that year, Simon and Lisa found lots of average wines were being poured from heavy glass bottles into single use plastic cups, and they decided enough was enough.

There had to be a better way. Less wastage. More choice in smaller volume. Better quality cans.

Bowl of ice cooling down three cans of wine including white wine and rosé to showcase the variety and quality available

In the same year, they met Ben, a former journo turned wine merchant, and indulged in finding out all they could about wine. As they quickly became friends over many glasses of wine, the trio came together to formally create Canned Wine Co. and began the search for the best varieties to put into can.

Who are we?

Simon Rollings, Founder & CEO

Headshot of Founder Simon RollingsSimon heads up the team at Canned Wine Co. and has experience in supply chain management, operations, innovation and performance marketing. He counts businesses like Hello Fresh and Eat First among his portfolio, with a passion in earlier stage food start-ups. Prior to cans, he completed an MBA at the University of Bath and continues to support the Uni’s business team and the next generation of business owners.

“I fell into the wine trade after attending a wine and chocolate tasting event with my now co-founder, Ben. It sparked my thirst for new knowledge and I was spurred on by the many glasses of wine we shared to do my WSET. I passed with Level 2 with Distinction just before setting up Canned Wine Co. in 2019, and now I am up to my ears in great wine!”


Lisa Solovieva, Chief Cheerleader
Headshot of co-founder Lisa Solovieva
Lisa cheers on the Canned Wine Co. team from the outside, mainly as the better half of Simon, who she met on the MBA at the University of Bath. Lisa has worked with food and drink companies like Zenith Global and has a passion for putting on memorable events and working with the best people in the trade.


Ben Franks FRSA, DipWSET Co-Founder & Head Wine Buyer

Ben is a former wine journalist best known for founding the multi-award-winning wine merchant Novel Wines when he was 22. He has been described by Decanter Magazine as “One of the UK’s leading wine buyers” and The Buyer as “A leading lad in the wine biz”. In 2020, Ben was made a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce for his entrepreneurialism in the trade. As Canned Wine Co.’s Head Wine Buyer, it’s Ben’s job to find the wines that are too good to bottle.

“I got into wine in my teens and for me it was all about stories. It’s the same today after half a decade in the trade as a buyer: I look for people who are writing their own narrative – planting indigenous grapes, reviving the life of millennia old soils, nurturing their wines in barrels, celebrating their wines by the carafe with friends and loved ones. Every wine has a story, and now I spend my time canning little moments of each.”

Abi Chell, Partnerships Manager & Assistant Buyer

Abi is in charge of Canned Wine Co.’s partnerships and events, working with everyone from indie wine merchants up and down the country to our distributors and national accounts. You’ll catch Abi at one of our many trade shows or tastings, pouring tasters of our canned wine and making friends along the way. When Abi isn’t out and about supporting our friends, you’ll find her helping Ben source the next best wine as our Assistant Buyer.

“Sharing delicious wine and food has always been something I thoroughly enjoy. Having studied languages at university, I have been lucky to experience a diverse range of cultures and places, made all the better through sharing experiences and chatting with locals over a glass of the best. Now working closely with our trade partners, I love to see the innovative and unique ways our wines are being served to help to bring similar enjoyment to customers a little closer to home.”

Marieke Hammes, Sustainability & Operations Manager

Marieke was one of the first to join the Canned Wine Co. team and has been a vital part of forming our company’s brand identity and ethos. Passionate about sustainability and a better world, Marieke achieved a Masters in Carbon Management at the University of Edinburgh in 2021. With excellent credentials and a focus on genuine change, Marieke heads up our green values and is helping us mould a truly sustainable wine company. 

“I grew up in the beautiful Pfalz wine region in Germany, manifesting my love for wine since my teens, especially for Riesling from neighbouring winemakers. I’m excited to combine my interest in wine with my passion for sustainability on a daily basis and explore ways in which canned wine can disrupt the traditional wine industry which is typically associated with a higher environmental footprint.”


Elena Whitehead, Brand Manager

Elena oversees all things brand at Canned Wine Co., from our marketing to our events team. Drawing on her entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and love for great wine, Elena promotes our quality canned wines across the UK and in our export markets. You’ll find her at tastings, markets, shooting our next social media campaign, and working alongside our partners to show everyone just how good canned wine can be.


Milly Wilson, Account Manager

Milly brings her experience in retail to support our accounts across the UK. While not a big wine drinker when she first joined, Milly is now experiencing the good stuff and is quickly becoming a fan! Alongside her role at Canned Wine Co., Milly is studying for a degree in Business at the University of Bath and has completed the International Baccalaureate.

“I am currently working part-time at Canned Wine Co. whilst studying at the University of Bath studying BSc Business. Canned Wine Co. has got me into wine and I am excited to learn more about wines in the future. I have been trying more wines and my favourite is the Verdejo.”


Alexander Kapsimalis, Sales & Events Executive

Born and bred in South Africa, Xander has grown up with a love for nature and the environment. Xander comes from an entrepreneurial background, learning insights about his father's company from a young age. He is a current Business student at the University of Bath, ready to apply his skills and enthusiasm to our sales team.

"My grandfather owns a wine farm in the hills of Farmakas, Cyprus, which ignited my initial interest in wine. Further spending time in Stellenbosch, I developed an appreciation for great wine which has overtime become my alcoholic drink of choice. I hope to have the opportunity to add some Cypriot and South African wines to our already outstanding wine list!"


Tamsin Ker, Sales & Events Executive

Tamsin is another member of our sales team, excited to combine her love for wine and sustainability in a start-up environment. She is a Business student at the University of Bath and now very enthusiastic about getting stuck into every aspect of Canned Wine Co. The Barrel Aged Verdejo has become a quick favourite, perfect to enjoy on a summer afternoon.

“I have grown up with wine being a constant presence at my dinner table and am excited to grow my knowledge of the marvellous world of wine. I am a true theatre nerd and am even directing a musical in September. So I am keen to get our cans to be a staple in the arts community!”