Wine Buying 

Our focus is on sourcing fantastic quality wines from some of Europe’s top producers. It is our aim to showcase the best of unusual varieties, not the same wines you can find everywhere. We source single vintage and single varietal wines that excel in cans. Our wines are always suitable for vegans and from wineries that use sustainable or organic practices. Vintage wines will change every year, but that is part of the beauty and excitement of wine, which after all is a natural product that is farmed and harvested annually. 

Our limited editions are wines of exceptional quality that we’ve been lucky enough to source. As a result these wines normally have lower production levels, more expensive production methods, quality fruit and we’ve canned the whole vintage. So once it’s gone, it’s gone. 

Cans provide a great opportunity for wine but also lots of challenges. At Canned Wine Co. we go to great lengths working with producers, wine technicians, production sites and logistics firms, to make sure our wines work perfectly in cans with quality paramount. 



We bring high quality wines to all wine drinkers and remove the barriers in the traditional wine market that stop people from buying better wines. From sourcing to canning to design, we are incredibly careful and selective with who we work with to ensure the best quality. 

Providing high quality wines in a portable 250ml format gives more people the opportunity to try exciting wines without having to spend more. We want to encourage people to drink less but better and increase customer confidence to try something new.

We aim to incorporate sustainability into all stages of the value chain. From sustainable viticulture at the wineries we source from, to transportation, packaging and recycling.


Our Story

Lisa and Simon were inspired to launch Canned Wine Co. in the spring of 2019. Passionate about great food and drink they both found great wine was difficult to find, opaque to understand and too expensive! Have you always wondered why enjoying great wine wasn’t much easier, and more accessible and more inclusive?

So after many evenings of wanting to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner but not wanting to open a bottle, particularly not an expensive one, Simon and Lisa decided there must be a better way! As a couple that enjoys an active lifestyle, a smaller amount of something great always appealed much more than a lot of something average. A few months passed, but after attending a festival in Summer 2019 and finding the wine option was poured from a heavy glass bottle into a single use plastic cup, enough was enough.

Simon and Lisa, spent the best part of 2019 learning about wine and searching for the very best wines for canning. At Canned Wine Co. we only work with smaller independent wineries to source the very best wines we can. Each wine is a limited run by nature, all single vintage and single variety. 

Our wines are all about discovery and curiosity. You won’t find famous grape varieties or the usual suspects, instead we bring you the best of the unknown.




Simon fell into the wine trade after attending a wine and chocolate tasting event with his now co-founder and Canned Wine Co. Wine Buyer, Ben Franks. Sparked by a thirst for new knowledge and spurred on by many glasses of wine shared with Ben, Simon completed his WSET Level 2 qualification with distinction and set about launching Canned Wine Co. in summer 2019. 

Simon has experience in supply chain management, operations, innovation and performance marketing. Simon has worked at a number of earlier stage food start-ups including Hello Fresh and Eat First and has worked with a number of food and drink start-ups on growth initiatives and operations development. Simon has recently completed an MBA from the University of Bath. 


Our wine buyer Ben Franks is a former wine journalist who, at the age of 22, founded the wine merchant Novel Wines. His company today is a Decanter award-winning specialist importer, featuring a breadth of wines from across central and eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia. Ben is passionate about finding the next big thing and focuses on introducing new, truly unique wines and spirits to the UK. He works with winemakers across the globe who pour their heart and soul into what they do. For Canned Wine Co. Ben is excited to introduce some exceptional winemakers whose juice is simply too good to bottle.


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