If you’re as much a fan of comfort food as we are, then you’ll want
to know which of our award-winning canned wines go with your
favourite dishes. Our wine buyer Ben Franks has given you a few
top tips to get the best out of your meal.

Big and hearty? Go red
As red wines have higher alcohol, more tannin (the drying sensation that
adds structure to a wine), and are often full of darker fruits, they
complement heartier dishes well. Think of sausage casseroles, braised
beef stews, or a vegetable Moroccan tagine. You’re going to need some
punchy flavours for it to all stand-up.
Thankfully our Old Vine Garnacha is full of chocolate coated cherries
and vanilla hues that deliver intensity, while balancing those with a fresh
and tight acidity. That’s important because while you want the wine to
shine next to the food, you don’t want to fill up on it. Higher acidity, even
in punchy reds, keep them refreshing and complementary with your
Another good comfort pairing is anything smoky with a red, especially
one that’s been oak-aged. Think of smoky, lightly spicy chilli – whether
you go three bean or minced meat – on a buttery sweet potato. Those
flavours are going to sing next to the vanilla and spice notes in the wine,
which come from oak maturation.

There’s no hard and fast rules
While red wines are certainly a more traditional pairing with hearty
meals, don’t forget how good rosé can be. Rosé has the benefit of
bringing intense fruity character while offering far less tannin and more
refreshing acidity. That acidity makes it a cracker with salty foods. Picnic
grub like sausage rolls and pasties, or easy favourites like pizza topped
with melted cheese make for great rosé wine pairings. The salt in the
food cuts through the acidity and brings out the fruity character in the
wine, ultimately giving you more flavour to stand-up to your favourite
comfort food.
Rosé can also be a great alternative when pairing with fatty meats like
lamb cutlets, pork souvlaki or kebab dishes, or sweet and sour food like the array of flavours in Chinese takeaways. So if you find yourself
reaching for your phone and logging onto a delivery app, don’t forget
how much a can of rosé can elevate the whole experience even further.

Never forget a classic
It feels wrong to write about comfort food without mentioning fish and
chips. After all, it’s a British classic. While the rosé can be lovely with
batter, my favourite pairing is a zesty and vibrant white wine.
Something like our Gruner Veltliner has juicy apple notes alongside a
peppery spice on the finish. The ripe fruit character works with fish and
chips (or even a battered sausage) fuller notes, while the acidity pairs
nicely with the salt. What’s more, the pepper hints that are unique to
Gruner Veltliner wines offer something complementary to the whole
experience. All in, there are not many wines that can pair so well with
one of Britain’s favourite meals.
Another superb match would be your most indulgent risotto, made with
lashings of butter and plenty of parmesan cheese. Marvellous!


Written by Ben Franks

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