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Why wine in can?
Want a nice glass of vino but don’t fancy a whole bottle? How many times have you opened a bottle, drank half of it and poured the rest down the sink a few days or even weeks later, after discovering it’s turned to vinegar? Such a waste! At Canned Wine Co. we don’t like wasting good wine! We believe good wine is to be enjoyed whenever, wherever. Cans are lighter, smaller, quicker to chill, easier to open, more resilient, better for the environment, and don’t cork. So pop a can or two into your picnic hamper, sip on the beach, on a hike, at a festival or by the pool (where glass is prohibited anyway!) Whatever you do, you don’t need to wait forever for that special occasion.. Crack open a can of fantastic wine and enjoy it today!

How many “glasses” of wine are in a single can?
Our cans are 250ml - that’s the perfect amount to share for two small glasses. Or if you’re not the sharing type (why would you be when the wine is this good!) 250ml is the same as one large glass in a restaurant. Cheers!

Does canning affect the flavour of the wine?
Not at all! Canning technology has improved dramatically in the past few years. Aluminium cans are now lined with a water-based polymer which protects the flavours of our wines perfectly. We’ve worked hard with wine-makers, wine-technologists, and canning companies to bring you the very best experience with our wines.  Our grape varieties have been chosen specially to compliment canning and should taste better out of a can than a bottle. If you’re still unsure, give us a try, and if you don’t like it we’ll refund you :) 

How should canned wine be served?
We’ve chosen our wines so they taste great straight from the can or poured into a glass. In our opinion, if you want to get the most from your wine, then we’d suggest pouring into a glass, but it's totally up to you, after all it’s your wine! 

How long will the wine last?
Not long hopefully! We believe passionately that good wine is made to be enjoyed, we therefore have a recommended shelf-life of around 12 months for our wines. So don’t lay it down, don’t wait for that special occasion, just sit back, relax and enjoy our wines whenever you feel like it!

Are the cans fully recyclable?
Our cans are fully recyclable, in fact they’re infinitely recyclable! The labels are made from polyethylene which is removed during recycling, processed and used to provide energy back into the recycling plant. Around 70% of the aluminium cans sold in the UK are recycled. Another major advantage of cans is their reduced carbon footprint, making our wines more eco-friendly and feel-good. 

What is your minimum order?
We have no minimum order on our website, and have done our best to keep delivery costs to a minimum. If you order over £60 of wine we’ll throw in shipping for free! 

Where do you deliver?
We deliver throughout the UK using Parcel Force. Wherever they go, we go. 

Where can I purchase your wines?
The best place to purchase our wines currently is through this website. We’ve just launched and it’s early days for us so we’re working hard to make our products available throughout bars and restaurants in the UK, and work with a number of independent retailers. If you send us an email on the Contact Us page, we’ll let you know your nearest stockist. 

What is your returns and refund policy? 
You can find our refund policy here