Summer is around the corner and it's time for light summer dinners. Our refreshing and fruity rosé is the ideal pairing for bright and fresh veggie dishes. For today's pairing we chose vegan rice paper rolls with pickled ginger and radishes.

Inspired by the "How to be vegan and keep your friends" cookbook:

Ingredients for 20 rolls


200g fresh root ginger
1.5 tsp sea salt
300g radishes, trimmed and sliced in half
2 cloves garlic, finely sliced
200ml rice vinegar
2 heaped tbsp caster sugar

Rice Paper Rolls

200g sushi rice
25g dried seaweed
20 fried rice paper discs
2 raw beetroot, peeled and cut into fine matchsticks
2 large carrots, peeled and cut into fine matchsticks
edible flower petals for decoration



Make the pickles a day in advance or 3-4 hours before serving

Peel the ginger, then slice into ribbons with a vegetable peeler
Place ginger into small bowl, sprinkle with 0.5 tsp of salt and let sit for 5 minutes
Bring a small pan of water to the boil
Blanch ginger in boiling water for 3 minutes
Drain water by squeezing the ginger with your hand
Drop the ginger into a jar with the radish halves and garlic slices
Add 300ml water, rice vinegar, sugar and remaining salt into small pan over medium heat, stirring to dissolve the sugar. Bring to a boil for a few minutes before pouring the liquid over the vegetables
Leave to cool before refrigerating until ready to serve

Rice Paper Rolls

Make sushi rice following a recipe of your choice (or use normal rice) and leave to cool completely in the refrigerator
Place dried seaweed into a bowl, cover with cold water and soak for 30 minutes until softened, then drain
Prepare a large bowl of cold water and submerge the rice papers into the bowl for about a minute one at a time until completely softened
Lay flat onto the surface and sprinkle on a few petals, a few vegetable strips and a little seaweed, working about one-third the way up the rice paper, to make a line horizontally across the rice paper
Scoop a large tablespoon of the rice and arrange it in a line along the top of the vegetables
Fold over the edge of the rice paper closest to you to cover the filling, and half roll up
Fold in the edges on either side and roll up completely
Serve the rolls with the pickled vegetables and soy sauce for dipping


Crack open a can of Grenache Rosé and tuck in!

For more vegan pairings with our wines, check out our Veganuary blog.

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