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Gamay 2021 - Loire Valley

Bright & Juicy Gamay

Strawberries, cherries and spice.

Made by Lionel Gosseaume in the Loire Valley, this wine is a true expression of the freshness and vivacity of Touraine. The grapes are hand-picked late in the season to allow the skins to fully ripen while fully maintaining the acidity, and are whole bunched fermented then rested in stainless steel tanks for 6-9 months. 

This wine is part of our Heritage Collection, showcasing fine examples of wines from historic wine regions. The regions are famous for specific grapes and styles which we reflect in our wines

Serving suggestion: Pan-fried duck, moussaka, lamb tagine, falafel, mushrooms stir fried with soy, tomato bread with jamón serrano.

Find out more about Lionel Gosseaume here.

Gamay at a glance

Size: 250ml | Grape: 100% Gamay | From: Loire, France | Alcohol: 12.5% abv | Style: Bright & Juicy | Vegan Friendly

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