Touriga Nacional is Portugal’s national grape and is a real treat for anyone willing to explore the unusual, making it the perfect choice for our very first wine! This wine, alongside our flagship Grüner, set the blueprints for Canned Wine Co. to produce exciting single varietal wines that deserve more attention than they get.

Traditionally, Touriga Nacional was mostly used in the production of Port, but more recently wine lovers have come to appreciate its unique character as a single varietal wine and there are some outstanding examples. Full of floral and fruity aromas, this bold wine is full of tannin and deep black fruit making it a perfect to enjoy alongside food. Definitely try this alongside some roasted lamb. Expect lots of body and lots of alcohol to match up to the tannin and fruit with a cutting tartness that give this particular wine its character.

The grape variety was our very first red wine in can. It had a punchy volatile acidity that the can really didn’t get along with, which was a shame as it added freshness and character to the bright blackberry and plum notes. We will give the variety another go in can one day, but for now if you fancy giving it a try then look out for the dry red wines of the Douro Valley, which have never been better quality than today.

If you want to try a similar red wine in can, then go for our equally full bodied and moreish red wine, the No. 5 Old Vine Garnacha, which you can buy here.

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