Wine and cheese have been paired together for thousands of years, a combination that if done well helps bring out subtle flavours in both wines and cheeses, whilst achieving a delicate balance between the two. This April, we took it a step further, and announced our wine and cheese fusions in collaboration with Mouse & Grape. Thankfully, this was just an April Fool’s joke and we don’t recommend actually blending your wine with cheese... However, the pairings were carefully selected and are now available in the April Fool’s hamper from Mouse & Grape. Although the fusions were a joke, the pairings are anything but, here’s why:

Chardonnay & Nettlebed Creamery Bix

Bix is a soft and creamy white cheese. It’s a triple cream cheese, meaning extra cream has been added to the milk during the process, resulting in a luxurious texture with complex tastes. Nettlebed Creamery’s Bix won best soft white cheese at the British Cheese Awards, yet it can still taste even better with a can of Sparkling Chardonnay on the side. The stronger flavours of a Chardonnay bring out the buttery flavours of the Bix and release even more creamy goodness. The light fizz in our Chardonnay will help give a refreshing sensation in between bites of this luxuriously soft cheese. You can find out more about our Sparkling Chardonnay here.

Grenache Rosé and White Lake Cheese Driftwood

You may not have heard of Driftwood cheese before, but this deliciously creamy cheese is definitely worth a try alongside our fresh Rosé. Just down the road from us in Somerset, our friends at White Lake Cheese produced this award-winning goat’s cheese, the thing that really sets it apart is the light coating of ash which adds subtle peppery and earthy notes. The subtle flavours go perfectly with our Rosé as neither overpowers the other. The refreshing, fruity flavours of the Grenaché Rose work in harmony with the earthy undertones of the cheese, producing a combination that has to be tried. You can find out more about our Rosé here.

Old Vine Garnacha & Quicke’s Cheddar Cheese

Last but definitely not least, is a pairing that speaks for itself. Quicke’s have been making cheese for nearly 500 years, meaning they truly have perfected one of the nations favourite cheeses, winning a gold medal in the World Cheese Awards in 2023. This handcrafted, mature cheddar is rich in flavour and buttery in taste, with a depth of flavour that only one wine can compete with, the Old Vine Garnacha. This hearty red holds its own against the strong flavours of mature cheddar, chocolate and dark fruit aromas give exciting depth with a touch of acidity complementing the cheddar perfectly. Find out more about our Old Vine Garnacha here.

Have a look at Mouse & Grape’s April Fool’s Hamper, where you can try all these exciting pairings. Happy April Fool’s day!

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