If you’re looking for some single serve wines to pair with some of Ocado’s favourite spring recipes, you’re in the right place. Our premium wines make the perfect pairing for many of Ocado’s spring dishes, but we’ve picked out a couple that will really bring out the best in both the food and wine. You can add our Canned Wine Co. heritage wines straight to your weekly shop alongside all your other groceries, and to make things even better, you can get both wines on offer until the 19th of March! So there’s no better time than now to head over to Ocado and get in the spring mood with some great food and even better wine.

Spinach and feta frittata

This dish is designed to get you in the spring mood, a healthy, vegetarian dish that is unbelievably easy to make. Imagine soaking up the sun whilst enjoying the healthy medley of flavours that this dish provides, the only thing missing is a can of Verdejo on the side. Our fresh and crispy Verdejo will pair beautifully with all the salad packed into this dish, not to mention the feta in the dish will really bring out bursts of orange from the Verdejo. This pairing is perfect to pull out when the temperatures start rising and the sun starts breaking through the clouds, with minimal hassle required. You can find the simple 3-step recipe over on Ocado’s website, as well as our Verdejo which is on a limited time spring deal.

Slow cooked melting lamb

If it’s a more meaty dish you’re in the mood for, look no further than our bright and juicy Gamay to accompany your meal. We’ve picked out Ocado’s Slow cooked melting lamb recipe, one that’s already picking up the 5 star reviews and makes the perfect companion for a Gamay. The flavourful, yet soft nature of our Gamay makes it perfect for opening up succulent meats like this lamb. Lamb is a staple of spring, so why not kick things off with this delicious dish and stock-up with a wine that really complements the much loved meat. This dish is slightly more complex than the frittata, but still only takes around 20 minutes to prep and only 5 short steps on Ocado’s website, so perfect for all culinary levels.

There are loads of other spring dishes over on Ocado’s website, not to mention some great sweet treats to get you in the easter mood. Nigella’s apricot jam and almond cookies would go great with a bit of Verdejo, whilst Billington's chocolatey brownies would be more suited to a Gamay. Whatever you end up eating over the next few months, don’t miss out on exciting, single serve wines which really come into their own during springtime.

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