You may have heard of our little April Fool’s joke by now, blending wine and cheese together in a can! Although we don’t blend cheese and wine together, we can pair them. You can find out about our recommended cheese pairings for some of our vintage collection wines here, but if you're drinking some heritage collection Verdejo or Gamay, then keep reading to find out which cheeses can help elevate your wine drinking experience.

Verdejo and Manchego

The first pairing we recommend trying is a young Manchego alongside our vibrant and zesty Verdejo. When pairing wine and cheese, you want to make sure that the cheese doesn’t overpower the wine and vice versa, otherwise you will only be tasting half of the flavours at your disposal. With this considered, the refreshing, citrus aromas and fruity flavours of our Verdejo go perfectly alongside a somewhat firm and rich cheese like Manchego. The orchard fruit flavours from the Verdejo will explode as they contrast the subtle nutty and rich taste of a good Manchego. Both are very palatable, and easy to fall in love with!

Gamay and Camembert

This heavenly pairing will give you real taste of France. Camembert is a staple of French cuisine, a notoriously gooey and creamy cheese, which we think is made even better alongside refreshing sips of a juicy red. Our Gamay is packed with bright flavours, making it perfect for contrasting the fatty and creamy flavours of a baked camembert, and making sure the cheese doesn’t overpower your taste buds. The Gamay’s berry and red fruit flavours will seem even more vibrant when paired with this soft cheese, leaving you dreaming of a holiday to the Loire valley in no time, but don’t just take our word for it, give it a try!

Although we recommend trying these combinations, pairing wine and cheese is no exact art, so we encourage you to experiment with other cheeses and combinations to see if any others take your fancy. Let us know some of your favourite cheese and wine pairings in the comments below.

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