Have you ever wondered what the numbers on our cans mean?

Canned Wine Co. loves to bring exciting high-quality wines that you might not have tried before to cans. We want great wine to be as accessible and easy to enjoy as possible. To help find a wine your tastebuds will definitely enjoy, we have developed five simple flavour categories.

No. 1 - Vibrant & Zesty

These are crisp and refreshing premium white wines with zesty acidity. Vibrant wines are known for their citrus and green flavours, such as lime, bell pepper and grass. You should give this a go if you like Sauvignon Blanc. 

Try our Grüner Veltliner from Austria!

No. 2 - Ripe & Velvety

These rich premium white wines are known for their full body, lower acidity and creamy vanilla flavours. They often burst with intense flavour and have an oily finish. We recommend this category if you enjoy Chardonnay.

Try our Viognier from France!

Try our Barrel Aged Verdejo from Spain!

No. 3 - Fresh & Fruity

Number 3 is for all our Provence Rosé lovers out there. These light premium rosé wines have a pleasant acidity coming from juicy grapefruits and oranges. There is often a hint of warm pepper spice and a silky finish.

Try our Grenache Rosé from France!

No. 4 - Bright & Juicy

These are lighter premium red wines with juicy red fruit flavours and floral and earthy notes. Lighter red wines often have lower tannin levels and a long finish. This is your wine to try if you like Pinot Noir. 

Try our St Laurent from Austria!

No. 5 - Smooth & Silky

Smooth and silky red wines are known for their dark fruit flavours like blackberry and black cherry and a smooth, often chocolatey, finish. These premium red wines are full-bodied and often have higher tannins. We recommend this category if you enjoy Merlot or Malbec.

Try our Old Vine Garnacha from Spain!

We are working on adding more wines to our range. Do let us know which wines you would be most excited to try on our socials or via email at hello@cannedwine.co

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