Whether it’s for health, lifestyle or simply being tired of waking up with a horrendous hangover, people are increasingly choosing to cutdown on their alcohol intake. Instead of heading down to the local pub every week and sinking as many pints as you can, drinking has become more of a special occasion; something to be savoured. When people choose to indulge, they want it to be truly memorable.

And for once the market has come to meet consumer needs head on. Smaller format alcohol has become much more widely available, with the UK canned wine market increasing by 125% in 2019. These smaller formats empower consumers to choose quality over quantity, opting for a little of the best rather than a lot of average.

Equally they enable people who may be intimidated by the huge array of alcohol to limit their risk; instead of buying a bottle of that really expensive wine everyone keeps telling you to try or that unknown grape you just read about, you can buy a can. Each of our cans hold two small (125ml) glasses, allowing you to taste the wine without worrying you’re going to be wasting a whole bottle. Of course, we’re pretty sure you’ll love the wine but even if you don’t, it’s not as much of a hassle as a whole bottle. Plus our cans are infinitely recyclable – so you’re reducing refuse waste as well as wine waste.

Canned drinks are also much more convenient: it’s easier (and lighter!) to sling a few cans into your bag or picnic basket rather than a couple of bottles. The beer and cider markets have known this for years, and thankfully wine and cocktails have finally caught up.

Smaller drinks are more convenient, limit wastage and allow you to try quality without buying quantity. It’s win, win, win.

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