Wine in a can

Wine in a can is hugely popular in the US, with the format rapidly growing in popularity and an ever increasing number of styles and price points being catered for. 

Canned wine has hit UK shelves with force in 2020, but are canned wines good and what should you look for when buying canned wine? 

Quality of canned wine

The quality of canned wine varies substantially in the UK. Typically you might expect to spend around £2-4 in a UK supermarket although some brands are now offering more premium offerings around £5. 

Canned wine is available in all UK supermarkets, however, if it's quality you're after it's best to look at some of the smaller companies who are focused on canned wine. You can buy canned wine online from most independent canned wine producers in the UK. Our award-winning canned wines use juice that would typically be £15-20 in bottle format are available to order for delivery. 

Benefits of Canned Wine


Canned wine is far better for the environment than bottled wines. As much as 46% of a wine's total CO2 impact is due to the packaging, and glass comes out worst. Wine in can emits typically four times less CO2 than the equivalent volume wine in bottles. 

Additionally, aluminium cans are made from 70% recycled material, and much less energy is required to recycle aluminium than glass. Ball Corporation (the people who make our cans) also believe it is possible to achieve 100% recycling rates for aluminium cans in Europe. 

Cans are also infinitely recyclable, so you can enjoy your wine safe in the knowledge that it's had less impact on the planet than one from a bottle! 

On the go

Wine in a can takes away all the faff involved with bottled wines. No longer will you need to carry a corkscrew with you on a picnic! 

Cans chill faster, they won’t break when you drop them and are lighter, making wine in a can an easy to enjoy wine on the go. That makes canned wine perfect for picnics, sports events or music festivals. But that doesn't mean canned wines are just for the outdoors, being 250ml cans, they make for a perfect sharing size with a midweek dinner, or as a stocking filler

Wine integrity 

So to the wine itself. Cans are completely sealed, so no oxygen can enter and deteriorate the wine over time. Canned wines are generally selected to be drunk young and will retain the freshness from the day they are canned. Canning allows us to capture a snap shot in time to preserve a wine's vibrancy for you to enjoy at any time. Also, there are no issues from light ingress or corking found in bottles. Canned wine won't aged in cans in the same way that it does in a bottle, they're meant to be drunk!

Canned wine does present different technical challenges to bottling and reductive grape varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc should be avoided. If you want to know how good wine in a can can be, then try our range of award winning canned wines. 

Does canning wine affect the flavour? 

The simple answer is no, the long answer is that it can, but only in the same way bottling, using a cork, screw top, or bag-in-box can all affect the flavour.

We’re not going to go into detail here, needless to say the trick is in the careful handling and sourcing of wines that suit a particular style of packaging and working with wineries to create wines that really shine whatever the vessel.

Why Canned Wine Co.?  

Leaving the best till last, having our wonderful wines in smaller packages means you can treat yourself to something truly remarkable and exciting without breaking the bank. Give it a try, you might be surprised!
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