A common misconception about canned wine is that it will taste metallic but no need to worry as our cans are inert (which is just a fancy way of saying they won’t impart any flavour onto your wine). Like drinking from a normal wine glass, you will only taste the wonderful flavours of the wine itself in our award-winning cans.

Any difference you can taste comes from how the wine hits your mouth. When you drink from a wine glass the liquid fills your whole mouth emphasising the wine’s acidity and freshness, and making its structure and complexity more apparent. Whereas when you drink from a can the wine hits the tip of your tongue first, which is where sweetness is felt most. This focus means that wine drunk straight from the can often tastes fruitier and feels softer as the tannin and acidity are less intense.

People often talk about letting a wine ‘breathe’ to lessen tannins also – this is when a wine ‘opens up’ after being exposed to oxygen, softening its flavours. Although this seems pretty easy in a glass it might seem harder to achieve with a can, but ours are specifically designed to have enough dissolved oxygen to mimic this process and ensure the wines inside are delicious from the first sip.

Here’s the differences you might notice in our award-winning canned wines when you taste them in a can or a glass.

Straight from the can, our Grenache Rose has a pronounced sweetness and delicate citrus; its butterscotch notes are highlighted on the palette as well as the nose. If you drink it from a glass, you’ll taste more summer berries and bittersweet grapefruit.

Tasting our Gruner Veltliner from a glass you’ll be greeted by its classic herbaceous tang, green citrus and spice, whereas from a can the citrus notes are sweeter and it develops a sherbet-like flavour.

In a glass our Old Vine Garnacha is full-bodied and tannic with plenty of black cherry, dark cocoa and vanilla. Enjoying it directly from the can softens the tannins making it fresh and juicy with brighter cherry flavours and a chocolate finish.

But don’t take my word for it, crack open our award-winning canned wines yourself and see what differences you can pick up in a can vs glass taste test.


By Niamh Harkett

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