Do you want to send the perfect wine gift to that special someone? Look no further! Whether you’re looking for a stocking filler, Secret Santa gift or a more unique present, we have you covered! We’ve carefully paired our award-winning wines with specialty Solkiki chocolate to create the ideal gift set for any wine lover.  

Wine is often a safe bet for gifts, but aiming to please particular tastes can make it a tricky task. Our luxurious gift sets are a sure-fire way to please any wine aficionado with expensive taste, offering the novelty of enjoying high-quality wine without breaking the bank.

Indulge in intense flavours with our Old Vine Garnacha Gift Box, pairing Limited Edition Old Vine Garnacha red wine with a bar of Solkiki's award-winning 72% Gran Palo Blanco Peruvian dark chocolate. This winning combination intensifies oak and chocolate flavours; ideal for anyone who tends to reach for Whisky as their drink of choice!

Alternatively, opt for our Grenache Rosé Gift Box, for anyone with a luscious and creamy palate. Light and silky Grenache rosé complemented with Solkiki’s 70% Gran Chililique Peruvian dark chocolate brings out delicious butterscotch and nutty hints. And to add a bit of spice, try our Grüner Gift Box, pairing juicy and peppery Grüner white wine with Solikiki’s 68% Marañón Peruvian dark chocolate.

Lastly, our Selection Gift Box adds a bit of variety. This gift box of our three multi award-winning wines, paired with 70% Gran Chililique Peruvian chocolate, allows any wine lover to play around with tasting experiences. Showcasing the very best of our range of wines, this gift set offers the chance to try some of the most exciting wines and luxury chocolate at exceptional value.

Buy your wine lover’s gift set now! We are offering free delivery for all orders, bringing the ideal gift straight to your door.


Written by Abi Chell

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