Rosé wine has been typecast as an overly-sweet simple tipple that can only be drunk ice cold on a summer’s day, but it has developed so far beyond that. Today you can find rosé wines that are as interesting and have as much depth of flavour as any red or white wine.

Though often overlooked as a food wine, rosé is actually incredibly versatile. It combines the best of white and red wine qualities with its crisp, citrus acidity and summer berry juiciness. The fresh, fruity flavours complement and enhance food without overpowering it, whilst the acidity cuts through any richness. Rosé is the perfect pairing with Italian food such as pizza or pasta, and especially lasagne, but equally stands up to food with intense umami flavours such as mushroom burgers, soy sauce laden stir fries and sweet and sour pork.

We searched for a long time to find a rosé that exemplified all these wonderful unsung qualities to add to our award-winning canned wine collection. We knew we had to find one that reflected how fun drinking pink can be! Our perfect fit came in the form of a fresh and vibrant Grenache Rosé from the Rhône Valley. It has a silky palate with layers of puckering grapefruit acidity, sweet orange citrus and peppery spice with a background of freshly pressed strawberries and aromas of butterscotch. The finish is long and fresh with a hint of saline minerality.

Don’t limit yourself to summertime rose drinking; enjoy rose all year round and bring a taste of the sunshine even when it's chilly outside.

Order our award-winning rosé in a can yourself, or get ahead on your Christmas presents with one of our wine and chocolate gift packs.


By Niamh Harkett

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