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What does oak aging do to a wine?

You have probably heard the term oak-aging before. But what does this mean and how does it change wine? Here's a brief guide to what oak-aging means for your wine. 

Taste: alcohol & body

Have you always wondered what in the world a full-bodied wine is? Find out more about alcohol levels and how it influences whether a wine is light or bold here.

Taste: how to taste sweetness and acidity in wine

Sweetness and acidity are fundamentals of wine. This article describes what causes higher sweetness or acidity levels, why a careful balance is important and how to taste it in your wine.  

How to smell a wine and why it is important

Much of what you taste in a wine comes from your sense of smell rather than taste. This article gives some tips on how to smell wine and maximise flavour.

Wine styles: What's behind our numbers?

Have you ever wondered what's behind the numbers on our cans? Here's a quick guide to what they mean and how they can help you select the right wine for you!

Does red wine work in a can?

Will canning red wine affect the flavour and ruin it? It’s one of the most frequently asked questions – we’ve got the answer.

Intro to Touriga Nacional!

Touriga Nacional is Portugal’s national grape and is a real treat for anyone willing to explore the unusual!

Intro to Grüner Veltliner!

With spring on the way we thought we’d tell you more about our Grüner and why it’s perfect for this time of year! 

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