Canned Wine Co’s Touriga Nacional is rich and fruity and with 12 months spent in second use French oak barrels, there’s a wonderful velvet tannin that lends itself perfectly to pairing with food. If you want to enjoy our Touriga Nacional without food, then try swigging it from directly from the can! You’ll be surprised by how much this brings forward the fruit and softens the tannin on your pallet, perfect for an evening of wine with friends!

There’s a few simple guidelines that you can follow to get the best results for pairing wines with food. A good pairing should make both the food and the wine better, and we’ve tried to narrow it down to 5 simple tips:

  1. Try to compliment or contrast the wines with food
  2. Choose wines that are more acidic or sweeter than the foods you’re eating
  3. Choose wines with a similar level of intensity to the food i.e. light food, light wine
  4. Salty and fatty foods lower tannins, bringing out the fruit character of the wine
  5. Bitter wines clash with bitter foods, so avoid dry red wines

Once you get the hang of pairing you can start to experiment with ideas, like lighter red wines with fish or sweet wines with pâté.

Our Touriga Nacional is full bodied and brimming with black fruits so it can stand up to some quite bold and strong foods. The tannin is softened by aging in oak but it keeps that lovely fruit ripeness so try this alongside beef burger and chips, sausage casserole, BBQ chicken, lasagne or pizza. It’s the perfect wine alongside a hearty BBQ in the sun or a roast lamb in winter, a wine for all seasons! Saudé!

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