September 17th is #GrenacheDay - and we are celebrating with two of our award-winning canned wines!

Grenache (or Garnacha) is a widely planted red wine grape variety that thrives in the hot and dry climate of the South of France and Spain, and also in Italy, Australia and the US. It is often a high-alcohol variety, with a medium or full body and medium tannins. Grenache grapes can produce red fruit-forward red wines, but also refreshing rosés.

We are delighted to showcase two Grenache wines in our core range of premium canned wines. Our No. 3 Grenache Rosé from 2020 is a fresh rosé from Pays d’Oc  in the south of France. The wine shines with its fruity acidity and pale rosé colour, achieved by harvesting exclusively at night. We love this rosé for its clementine, pink grapefruit and red apple aromas and refreshing acidity. For red wine lovers, our No. 5 Old Vine Garnacha from Aragon in Spain is a crowd pleaser. Not only is this Garnacha from old vines that are at least 45 years of age, it has also been oak-aged for several years before being canned. Our OVG pleases with notes of chocolate-coated cherries, strawberries and a hint of spice.



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