It's the time of the year again where themed parties take over our social calendar and kids go from house to house "trick-or-treat"-ing for candy.

Adults can enjoy trick-or-treat too, so why not spice it up this year by adding some canned wine? Wines in a can are also a fun addition to your Halloween costumes:

  • Avengers, who need a drink after saving the world
  • Bacchus, the god of wine - all you need is a bedsheet, crown and can of wine
  • A bunch of grapes made out of balloons, hiding canned wine in your pockets to share with friends
  • Where's Wally, aka where's the can
  • Wine and cheese couples costume
  • Tipsy fairy
  • ... and many more!

Order today to get your canned wine in time for the weekend and tag us in photos if you enjoy our canned wines this Halloween!

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