We want to ensure we are continuously measuring our impact and adhering to high standards of social and environmental performance. It is incredibly helpful as a young business to be challenged and held accountable by third-party standards – and utilise their consumer trust to credibly communicate our progress. 


Positive Luxury 

Positive Luxury works with luxury brands to redefine business models for a sustainable future through an ESG+ assessment, risk and opportunity mapping, transition strategy and Butterfly Mark certification, supported with communication tools and coaching.  

We achieved a score of 70% overall in the ESG+ assessment, 40% above the certification standard.

The breakdown:

Environment | 59% total score

Social | 59% total score

Governance | 88% total score

Innovation | 89% total score

Find out more by clicking on the Butterfly Mark logo below. 


The Positive Luxury Accelerator Programme supports 20 start-ups annually to provide one year of tailored support to help scale businesses sustainably without the financial burden of certification and consulting fees. Canned Wine Co. was accepted into the Q1 2023 Accelerator Programme, and it has been a major driving force behind our sustainability progress. We have submitted our baseline assessment in July 2023 and are working on our final submission to achieve over 50% for the Butterfly Mark certification. 


B Corp - submitting in 2024

B Corp envisions a global economy that uses business as a force for good – purpose-driven and creating benefits for all stakeholders beyond shareholders. To achieve certification, businesses must complete the B Impact Assessment with 80+ points and meet the legal requirement of amending Articles of Associations to commit to being a force for good. 

Canned Wine Co. went through the B Impact Assessment in 2021 and used the insights as a guideline for our Employee Handbook and updated our Articles of Association. We are planning on submitting our B Corp application In 2024 based on the progress made with Positive Luxury. 


Soil Association

Several of our wines have always been grown and made organically at our partner wineries. To label them as such, Canned Wine Co. also had to undergo organic certification. As we wanted to be held accountable by the certification body with the strictest standards, we chose to certify with the  Soil Association – their standards go beyond the EU Organic Regulation. 

Organic wines: 


You can read more about these certifications in our Sustainability Roadmap.