Bodega Javier Sanz

Javier Sanz Viticultor has been in the Sanz family for 5 generations of winemakers for over 150 years. Leticia, Javier’s daughter and next generation caretaker of the vines, is driving sustainable change towards a more organic (accredited) winery whilst preserving the family ethos. Their viticultural process values quality over quantity through exhaustive monitoring of the vineyards. 

The family's true passion is for the land, with an ethos to intervene as little as possible in the winemaking process. 


The Rueda wine region is found in Castilla y Leon, to the North West of Madrid, in Spain. Vineyards are located below the Duero river, extending all the way to Segovia.  The area’s dry climate, dramatic diurnal shifts, and rocky soils create ideal conditions for the jewel of Rueda - Verdejo. This native variety has been cultivated in Rueda since the 11th century. 

Vineyards in Rueda


Sustainability Initiatives 

Solar panels installed are primary source of energy for the winery
Wastewater collected and treated, for use in vineyard irrigation and gardening  Conservation and recovery of extinct grape varieties


Growing Verdejo 

The Verdejo grape is grown with sustainable winemaking practices in the ancient gravelly pebbles of the Rueda landscape, an area famous for its continental climate with a large diurnal temperature (that’s the difference between night and day temperatures) range and low humidity. This allows for slow, balanced ripening which helps preserve the aromas, freshness and acidity of the final wine.  

 Verdejo is a superstar variety in the region. A native grape, it produces a fantastic range of wines - from dry to sweet, and young to aged. From our vibrant and zesty young Verdejo, to the ripe and velvety barrel-aged version. 

When asked about the winery's philosophy, Javier says says he relies on three supports: family, land and love of winemaking.