We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with WYNZ, making our wines available across The Netherlands.

Since launching at the start of 2017 WYNZ has been selling great quality wine in sustainable formats across The Netherlands. Even before launching, Paul and Renske, the owners of WYNZ, have been passionate about wines in alternative formats.

It all began on a trip to Italy in 2016, when the couple fell in love with Bag-in-Box wines, for the same reasons Simon and Lisa fell in love with cans. They’re accessible without the need for glass containers, meaning less wastage. With our shared passion for sustainable wines in alternative packaging, it was obvious WYNZ was the perfect partner to introduce our award-winning wines to the Dutch market.

“We want great wine to be as accessible and easy as possible to enjoy in the most sustainable way” - WYNZ.

As trends for smaller quantities of better wine continue to grow, in part driven by increasing concerns about alcohol levels, cans are an ideal choice. The smaller size makes portion control extremely easy, while also allowing groups of friends to try different high-quality wines without wastage.

WYNZ’s commitment to sustainable business practices and reducing wastage extends to its packaging. WYNZ reuses the shipping boxes they receive from suppliers, leftover stock and overproduction of boxes. Ultimately, these practices save 20,000 litres of water, 2026km in transport and 266kg in air pollution with every tonne of reusable cardboard.

We’re excited to grow together as we make exciting, high quality wines accessible to everyone.

Buy our wine online at WYNZ.
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