Canned Wine Co. is pleased to announce its partnership with Every Can Counts.
The partnership between the not-for-profit recycling programme and our canned wine company will see both brands work together to help inspire and encourage drink can recycling amongst consumers in the UK.

Founded in 2019 by the trio, Simon Rollings, Lisa Solovieva and Ben Franks, Canned Wine Co. aims to make exciting and high-quality wine more convenient and accessible to drinkers in portioned cans, whilst also helping to reduce the environmental impact of wine by using aluminium packaging. The award-winning Bath-based business has grown rapidly over the past two years – increasing its range to six wines, supplying the National Trust sites and hundreds of independent venues across the UK, and expanding to Ireland, Sweden, The Netherlands and Greece.

Simon Rollings, co-founder and CEO of Canned Wine Co., said: “Reducing waste, both wine wastage and packaging, is at the core of our brand. The infinite recyclability and lower carbon footprint compared to bottles made cans the obvious packaging choice. As canned wines are frequently consumed in outdoor settings, we want to explicitly encourage the recycling of aluminium cans. The partnership with Every Can Counts is an important pillar of our upcoming sustainability strategy, and we are excited to use Every Can Counts bins at events around the country to help more cans enter the recycling loop.”

Chris Latham-Warde, Programme Manager for Every Can Counts, said: “We’re so pleased to be able to announce our latest drink brand partnership with Canned Wine Co. Their mission to bring more sustainable choices to consumers and the drink industry really resonates with what Every Can Counts is all about.

We’re looking forward to working with Canned Wine Co. to raise awareness about the endless recyclability of drink cans and encourage people to do their bit to keep the cycle going.”

Every Can Counts collaborates with drink manufacturers as well as the wider drink can and recycling industries as part of its mission to reach a 100% drink can recycling rate. The programme and its funders help to raise awareness of the importance of recycling empty drink cans with marketing activity and on-the-ground consumer engagement. This includes exhibiting an eye-catching rainbow installation made from recycled cans, which has appeared in multiple high-
profile locations across the country and was most recently in Glasgow during COP26.

Every Can Counts also runs a Green Can Award scheme which recognises the recycling efforts of local businesses, community groups and charities. The programme also works to make it easier for consumers to recycle their empty cans while they’re out-of-home, and its team of ambassadors spread the recycling message and collect cans at many festivals and public events throughout the year.

About Every Can Counts   
Every Can Counts is a not-for-profit communications programme working to inspire, encourage and empower people to recycle their empty drink cans. The programme is funded through a partnership between European and UK drink can manufacturers, the aluminium recycling industry and drink brands. The programme’s vision is to achieve a 100% recycling rate for drink cans throughout
Europe. Every Can Counts partners with a wide range of businesses, organisations and events to work towards this goal, providing advice and support including free-to-use communications materials to help engage consumers with the benefits of recycling drink cans.  Born in the UK in 2009, the programme now has a presence in 19 countries across Europe.  


About Canned Wine Co.
Canned Wine Co is an innovative wine start-up focused on canning premium wines in perfect portion sizes from top producers in Europe. Since launching in 2019, six unusual grape varieties have been brought to the UK market, winning multiple awards for design and flavour. Canned Wine Co. is passionate about helping customers discover unique wines of the best quality in a convenient and
accessible format.

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