We are thrilled to share that we won an award at the B&LLAS, for our collaboration with The National Gallery. The cans feature some of art’s great masterpieces, including Vincent van Gogh’s oil on canvas Sunflowers (1888) Paulus Theodorus van Brussel’s Flowers in a Vase (1789).

We are pleased to know our love for them has been reciprocated and managed to scoop up the award for ‘Best brand licensed food or beverage product or range’ at Brand & Lifestyle Licensing Awards 2023.

BELLAS awards ceremony

The team were presented with the award trophy at a ceremony hosted the Royal Lancaster Hotel, on April 27th 2023.

Part of the proceeds from our National Gallery Editions go towards supporting the gallery, helping to maintain and continue free access to the arts. The selection featuring all three wines is available to buy here

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