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Can you pair white wine with a BBQ?

The simple answer is: yes. With the abundance of meat, marinades and sauces, you might think that white wine won’t be able to stand up to BBQ food like a red could but it’s all down to the pairing....

Essential items for the perfect picnic

As the sun continues to shine, is there anywhere better to be than settled on a blanket soaking up the rays? Here are the essential items you’ll need to enjoy the perfect picnic. Let’s start with t...

Canned wine is a win for sustainability!

Wine in cans has a number of benefits over bottled wine when it comes to the environment. We’ll take you through a few of them in this blog post! Aluminium is a fantastic material. Unlike many othe...

Why Can Wine?

When talking with people about wine in a can one question is always asked; does it affect the flavour? The simple answer is no, the long answer is that it can, but only in the same way bottling, us...

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