Canned wine is having its summer glow-up with many people ready to take their tinnies with them to the park for a picnic. A classic combination - tasty sandwiches, refreshing fruit, crunchy crackers and a lovely can of zesty Grüner. All your friends can drink their favourite wine and soak up the sun together without having to carry around heavy glass bottles. However, we’re here to tell you that canned wine is a great option for so much more! Have a read to find out where to take your cans of wine this summer. 

Summer BBQ

Whether you’re preparing a BBQ in your garden or taking a mini-BBQ to the beach with you, canned wines can be the perfect pairing partner. Think smoky homemade burgers, grilled halloumi and BBQ corn on the cob with a slightly chilled can of a light red, such as our St Laurent from Austria.

BBQ with friends and canned wine in the garden


Of course, cans of wine are a fantastic match for a day at the beach! An increasing number of beaches have no-glass policies and aim to reduce plastic use to keep the beaches safe and reduce waste at the seaside. Cans of wine are portable, lightweight and easy to dispose of in recycling bins or take back home to ensure the drinks cans enter the recycling loop.

Paddle Boarding

We’re all about safety on the water but our Account Manager Milly proved that a can of wine can be a fun addition to a paddle board! 

Paddle boarding with a canned wine on board Paddle board with Canned Wine Co. wine on board


Have you ever tried hiking and camping with bottles of wine? Us neither, we always have a can of wine tucked away in our backpacks instead! Reward yourself after a strenuous hike with a sip of delicious wine while taking in the breathtaking views of your hike.


Get absorbed into distant worlds and gripping stories, ready for a sip of wine in the interlude. Don’t worry about long queues at the bar - cans of wine mean you’ll get served much quicker! Check out what’s on this summer at The Lowry and Bristol Old Vic.

Dance the Night Away

Go to a gig or club night, cans in hand, and dance until your feet hurt! Much less spillage than dancing with a glass or cup in your hand. Check out our friends at The Leadmill in Sheffield for a fun night out. 

Game Night

Bring out the competitiveness with your friends at game night! Our team’s current favourites are Monopoly Deal and The Wine Game. Laugh about the losses with a can of wine at the end of the night.

Group of friends playing cards while drinking Canned Wine Co. red wine


Nothing helps get through a heart-stopping chapter in a thriller as a can of chilled rosé to keep the nerves calm.

Self Care with Bubbles

A relaxing Sunday afternoon to decompress before the new week. All about moderation, so a single can of wine is the ideal solution for a soothing bubble bath!

Relaxing bubble bath with candles and Canned Wine Co. rosé

Tinnies for the train

And finally, a classic in Britain - a tinnie for the train. This could be a canned cocktail, a tin of G&T, a beer.. but really it should be a can of wine!


We’d love to see what you get up to this summer, so tag us on your activities with canned wine! #cansinhands #toogoodtobottle

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