You may have heard The Copper Crew name by now, but who actually are The Copper Crew and how are they linked to Canned Wine Co.?

The Copper Crew background story

The Copper Crew was established in February 2020 by two friends, Oli and Theo. Just like the founders at Canned Wine Co., Oli and Theo thought that wine had been done the same way for too long, and wanted to create a more sustainable, accessible and convenient way to enjoy great wine. The Copper Crew reflected Oli and Theo and their sense of fun, adopting the tagline ‘Copper Crew is not for the cellar, but for everywhere else.’ The name reflects the sense of community that the Copper Crew aims to create, making everyone part of ‘the crew’, from winemakers to stockists, employees to customers, whilst also paying tribute to Oli and Theo’s ginger hair! They originally worked with a winemaker from South Africa to provide a range of wine that was made not for the cellar, but for everywhere else.

How the Copper Crew is related to Canned Wine Co.

The Copper Crew was growing steadily with the booming canned wine market, but personal goals for Oli and Theo were limiting the time, effort and expertise they could invest into the Copper Crew, which is where the Canned Wine Co. team comes in. Canned Wine Co. and the Copper Crew joined forces in April, 2023, with Oli and Theo becoming brand ambassadors for the Copper Crew, allowing them to still be involved in everything that goes on, but all operations, marketing and sales is done by the Canned Wine Co. team. The expertise and experience of the team here at Canned Wine Co. led to a couple changes in the Copper Crew, whilst still maintaining the fun and adventurous personality it always had.


The Copper Crew Now

After the two brands came together, the Copper Crew got a new look. The largest change was the wines themselves, from a fully South-African range to fresh, new Italian wines. The range is fully vegan and organic, and includes a vibrant and zesty Fiano, a fresh & fruity Rosato and a smooth and silky Negroamaro. A large reason for the decision to change the wines was to focus on Europe in order to reduce the distance the wines need to travel. Puglia felt like the perfect location where our experienced winemakers at Tenuta Viglione could produce a full range of high quality wines. Puglia is known for producing reliably good wines made from a variety of grapes, all packed full of flavour thanks to the mediterranean climate and soil. The region is sun-kissed almost all year round which helps produce such exciting wine, food and culture. You can find out all about Puglia and its wines over on the Copper Crew blogs. The cans also underwent a redesign with the help of Kit Studio and Tory Mabey helping bring the characters, who are now synonymous with the Copper Crew, to life. The rebrand was so successful it won a gold medal from the Harpers Design Awards 2023!

So why not check out the Copper Crew on Instagram or on their website, and maybe give their wines a try!

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