Finding it impossible to buy for your vegan friends? All our wines are vegan-friendly! Not only our wines are suitable for vegans, our luxurious chocolate gift sets are vegan too.

We have teamed up with Solkiki, ultra-premium chocolate makers, specialising in handmade organic dark chocolate. High cacao content in the chocolate paired with our dry wines brings out the best flavours in both the wine and chocolate without one dominating. Each vegan wine gift set showcases a different way to pair canned wine and chocolate, elevating the overall tasting experience.

Chocolate Gift Sets

The juicy acidity of our Grüner Veltliner goes perfectly with Solkiki’s artisan 68% Marañón Peruvian dark chocolate. The wine’s citrus cuts through the smooth texture of the chocolate, bringing out its nutty caramel notes which in contrast makes the wine seem fruitier. Order this vegan gift box here.

The peachy floral notes of our velvety Viognier pairs extremely well with the 70% Marañón Peruvian dark chocolate, made from the rarest strain of cacao in the world. Paired together, expect melodies of fried apricots, white peach and a hint of spice. Order here.

Our Grenache Rosé is light and slightly creamy, full of berries and orange, but when it’s paired with 70% Gran Chililique Peruvian dark chocolate, it becomes ultra-creamy and its luscious butterscotch flavours are brought to the forefront. Order here.

The medium-bodied St Laurent bursts with juicy plums, mulberries and blackberries. Hints of peppercorn spice are balanced by the 64% Costa Esmeraldas Ecuadorian dark chocolate, instead creating a tasting experience around dark fruits, nuts and caramel. If you are looking for an organic and vegan gift set, order here.

Our full-bodied Old Vine Garnacha is brimming with black cherries, strawberry and vanilla spice so we’ve paired it with an award-winning 72% Gran Palo Blanco Peruvian dark chocolate. The tannin from our Garnacha complements the fat content in the high cacao chocolate, intensifying the rich, fruity qualities in both. Order here.

For the ultimate vegan gift set for couples, we also offer a mixed selection of our Grüner, Grenache Rosé and Old Vine Garnacha to try more different wines, paired with the 70% Gran Chililique Peruvian dark chocolate. Order here.

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