As the sun continues to shine, is there anywhere better to be than settled on a blanket soaking up the rays? Here are the essential items you’ll need to enjoy the perfect picnic.

Let’s start with the practical stuff – you’ll need a blanket to sit on and somewhere to put all that delicious food. Traditional wicker hampers are great if you don’t need to travel far or, if it’s a real scorcher, a cool box and ice packs will help keep everything cold.

We’d suggest packing everything in separate containers and before you go, make sure they’re all shut tight. Nobody wants to delve into the picnic only to find it’s all covered in potato salad. 

On which note: napkins. You’ll inevitably need one, so make sure you don’t leave home without them.

It’s always handy to pack plates and utensils as it’s difficult to serve picnic staples like that pesky potato salad without them. Plus, a chopping board and knife are useful for bread, cheese and charcuterie. Cutting fruit and sandwiches at your picnic site, rather than before, can help to keep them fresh.

Of course, we couldn’t get through this list without talking about the drinks. We’ve all got stories about the ‘inventive’ ways we’ve tried to open bottles, but really there’s nothing worse than getting all the way there and realising you’ve forgotten the bottle opener … Luckily with our award-winning cans you don’t need one. No more stomach-sinking moments, just grab a few cans and you’re good to go!

One final essential, a rubbish bag. Not everywhere has a bin, especially if you’ve hiked to your favourite secret picnic spot so pop a bag in your hamper and clean up after yourself. You can also lay it under your picnic blanket to stop wet grass seeping through.

And that’s it – you’re all set. Now get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

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