The biggest fear people seem to have about canning wine is that it will change the flavour or impart a metallic taste. Whereas you might be less worried about this with white wines as they can exude minerality and so it would be less noticeable, with red wine it would be immediately obvious and could ruin the tasting experience.

But you can let out a sigh of relief; in reality cans are completely inert and so don’t affect the taste of the wine at all! They actually preserve a flavour in time. Whatever delicious tastes and aromas the wine has before it goes into a can, it will still have once you crack it open.

This is because there’s no oxygen in the can, so the wine doesn’t continue developing like it would in a bottle. Although this means canning wouldn’t work for wines you want to age, it does mean that each can will taste the same.

Our St Laurent will always be bright and juicy with notes of black fruits over a velvet tannin. Our Old Vine Garnacha will keep its mature depth of flavour, brimming with black cherry, bright strawberry and dark cocoa.

In fact, the canning process has lots of benefits for maintaining a wine’s original flavours. Over time light can degrade wine, which is why wine lovers often keep their prized bottles in cellars, but with canned wine there’s no way light can reach the wine, so you don’t need a special place to keep it!

Furthermore, around 1 in 50 wines are corked. This means the wine has reacted with the cork making it taste more like cardboard than wine – eww. That’s not a problem with canned wine. No cork? No corked wines.

If you like ready to drink, fruit-driven reds then canned wine is perfect for you.

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