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Sparkling Chardonnay 2022

No. 1 Vibrant & Zesty Sparkling

Naturally sparkling Blanc de Blancs with aromas of grapefruit, lemon and pastry. It has gentle bubbles, with a fresh and light finish.

Our vibrant sparkling Chardonnay is grown by Cantina Tre Secoli who have been growing grapes for over 300 years at what is now a Unesco Heritage site in the Monferrato region of Italy. The cool continental climate allows Chardonnay to ripening fully whilst retaining bright acidity. Crafted through its second fermentation by sparkling wine experts So.Vi.Pi our gently sparkling Blanc de Blancs has aromas of melon, apple, lemon and pastry.


Sparkling Chardonnay at a glance

Size: 200ml | Grape: 100% Chardonnay | From: Piedmont, Italy | Alcohol: 12.0% abv | Style: Vibrant & Zesty Sparkling | Vegan Friendly

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