There's never been a better time to stock wine in can.


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"Canned Wine Co. is pushing preconceptions and provides a genuine premium offering"
Mike Best MW

The wine market is changing and we would love you to be a part of that change. All of our wines are sourced by Canned Wine Co. founders Simon Rollings and the award winning wine buyer Ben Franks FRSA, and then packaged in a beautiful design by Neil Tully MW.


Canned Wine Co. focus on canning only the best quality wines - the kind of wines your customers want to drink. We source wines that excel in cans and will never fail to impress. The upmost care is taken from the viticulture to packaging, ensuring the wine is protected and enjoyed at its best. See the awards for quality and branding Canned Wine Co. has received here. 

Vintage & varietal

All of Canned Wine Co.'s wines are sourced from top producers in the EU. We only can single varietal, single vintage wines that showcase the best characteristics of the grape's character. 


Our cans are 250ml, offering your customers either a large glass of wine or two 125ml servings. As people look to drink less but better, our cans can help your customers drink great wines by the glass whilst reducing waste and your environmental impact.


Cans can be recycled infinitely with no loss in quality and require 90% less energy than recycling a glass bottle. We work with wineries that follow sustainable or organic practices in the vineyard. Finally, cans take up less space, which means more efficient transportation, faster cooling and easier recycling. 


We understand that canned wine means challenging a few perceptions. Trust is a major factor in switching to a new format and we work closely with our partners to help increase sales and customer engagement. 

The opportunity is now

The canned format is becoming more and more popular, and we at Canned Wine Co. are only canning the best quality wines. Whether you are an eatery, bar or independent shop, now is the time to offer your customers a glass of the best.