Lionel Gosseaume


Lionel Gosseaume comes from a long line of Touraine winegrowers, growing up amongst vineyards. Although he spent the majority of his adult life distanced from these vineyards, he eventually returned home, embracing his calling. He set up his own Domaine in 2007, acquiring a vineyard from his father’s friend who, still working in the vineyard to this day, imparted many lessons, including the importance of truly understanding your vines in order to get the most out of them. He was elected President of InterLoire in 2021, a position that supports the promotion of Loire Valley Wines, as well as the eco-friendly transition of Loire Valley vineyards. 

Lionel’s thoughtful approach, clear plan and organised, precise way of working is translated to his wines very clearly. 



Lionel’s vineyards are located in Touraine, in the heart of the Loire Valley, on a plateau known as the Sologne Viticole. The Chateau de Chambord, famous for its grandeur and distinct French Renaissance architecture style is nearby, in Loir-et-Cher.  

Loire Vineyard


Sustainability Initiatives

Use of electric Vitibot instead of spraying chemicals
Hedgerow planting to attract local biodiversity Collection of 22,000 litres of rainwater


I’m lucky enough to work in a metier of liberté (a profession of freedom) that encompasses a real diversity of daily tasks. I can be walking through the vines one day, working in the winery another, talking to a sommelier or discussing something with one of my importers another. I think I’m open minded and curious as a result and happy to embrace new ideas and concepts."


Growing Gamay

The clay and silt soils, known locally as “Sables de Sologne” are well suited to the production of light, fruity wines, allowing for good drainage. The cooler microclimate of Touraine is conducive to the slow, even ripening of Gamay grapes, leading to the development of balanced acidity and expressive flavours in the wine. 


On partnering with Canned Wine Co.

“Canned Wine Co is clearly focussed on providing quality wines to its customers above everything else and this was clear from the outset. Creating quality wines is my ‘raison d’être’ too.” 

“I’m happy to work with such a young, dynamic team, leading the way in the future of wine”.