Today is Earth Day - a day for climate action and transparency, not sales. Unfortunately this day is often used for greenwashing campaigns with new product launches and celebrations of minimal progress.

At Canned Wine Co., we are on the long, imperfect road towards integrating sustainability into every part of our business and questioning how we can do better. This Earth Day, we are reflecting on the impact we want to have as a business and defining actions each one of us in the team can make to get one step (or 10 steps) further along on the journey.

As part of our commitment to positive impact, learning and honesty, we are launching our new Sustainable Sips blog. You'll be able to read what we're up to, our successes and challenges, as we strive to build a wine business that is as sustainable as we can be. Curated by our Head of Sustainability, Marieke Hammes, the series will feature thoughts and posts from our team and special guests. We hope it will help us put together a whole community of like-minded people to plan for a more equitable world. 

Our first edition next week will give an overview of our first ever sustainability strategy day where the whole team came together for an entire day of workshops and brainstorming - watch this space!

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