With the temperatures rising in June, the desire to quench our thirst with a crisp, fruity rosé goes up too. Rosé wine is a great hot weather drink, perfect for drinking outside on a sunny day.

Summer freshness

Rosé blends the juicy red fruit of red wine with the citrus and crisp acidity of white wine. Canned Wine Co.’s Grenache Rosé bursts with summer freshness, combining aromas of clementine, wild strawberries and puckering pink grapefruit with a smooth butterscotch finish.

Easy transport

Transporting rosé has never been easier than stashing our cans of wine in your backpack, handbag or cooler - a 250ml can of wine even fits in your jacket pocket! Canned rosé can become your go-to summer drink for all outside activities: picnics, hikes, river walks, beach days, boat trips or even stand-up paddle boarding.


Rosé is an extremely versatile wine for different food combinations and occasions. It balances well with grilled chicken, lemon potatoes, grilled vegetables and melon with prosciutto if you’re having an alfresco dinner or BBQ with your friends. Our top tips for salad combinations are nicoise salad, beetroot salad with feta, as well as avocado and tomato salad. For a more unusual pairing, try rosé with some sushi takeaway with your friends in the park.

For dessert, rosé especially complements lemon sponge cake, fruit tarts and even fresh berries and watermelon on a hot summer’s day. Of course, rosé always works with a cheese or charcuterie board too! Our favourite cheese pairings for the Grenache Rosé are soft cheeses like Brie, Gorgonzola and goats cheese.

Never had canned wine before?

Don’t fret! Our Canned Wine Co. Grenache Rosé  is a multi-award-winning wine and picked up a Silver Medal at last year’s Drinks Masters, a competition judged exclusively by Masters of Wine. It’s made lovingly by Thierry Boudinaud, a winemaker in the Pays d’Oc who is uncompromising in his pursuit of quality. 

Order our canned Grenache Rosé - as seen on BBC One’s Saturday Kitchen - to stock up on the perfect summer wine! Don’t forget to tag us on social media for a chance to win a Canned Wine Co.’s new Summer Selection.

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