Walter Glatzer is happiest in vineyard, and believes pruning has a meditative quality to it. He's part of a new generation that wanted to 'do wine properly' and move from mass market to premium Austrian wine, something he has achieved by relentlessly focusing on quality. Whilst very talented, Walter doesn’t do it all by himself - it’s a full family operation, supported by Doris and training Mathias and Hanna as they become more involved in the family business. Hanna is currently studying at Geisenheim, whilst trialing some of her own wine ranges.


Prized by the ancient Romans for its perfect wine production climate, Carnuntum is located in Eastern Austria, between Vienna and Bratislava. Whilst too warm for Pinot Noir, it is perfect for St Laurent! 


Sustainability initiatives

Organic Certification
Supporting Biodiversity
Wind and Solar Energy



Legend has it that St Laurent is named after St Laurentius who’s name day (used instead of birthdays) was on the 25th of August, the day that St Laurent grapes change their colour.


Growing St Laurent

St Laurent’s early flowering means the biggest challenge it faces is Spring frosts, and a warmer climate like Carnuntum help offset some of this pressure. The grapes are all hand-harvested.


On partnering with Canned Wine Co.

‘We’re fans of the high quality approach to canning, which is only right for a premium wine.”