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Grenache Rosé Gift Box

Give the gift of rosé, deliciously paired with organic Peruvian chocolate

Our new gift box features three gorgeously packaged cans of our Grenache Rosé and a bar of Solkiki's multi-award-winning 70% Gran Chililique Peruvian dark chocolate.

Sourced from the rolling hills of Pays d'Oc, our Grenache Rosé leads with soft aromas of wild strawberries, clementine and butterscotch. It's silky and fresh with a warm peppery spice and juicy citrus on the finish.

The ultra-premium Peruvian gold cacao in the accompanying 70% Gran Chililique chocolate makes for a fruity, honeyed palate and lingering notes of nuts and caramel. 

The wines and chocolate were selected to pair together nicely, so enjoy sipping away and indulging in a chocolate treat!

Rosé at a glance

Size: 250ml / Grape: 100% Grenache / From: Pays d'Oc, France / Alcohol: 12.5% abv / Style: Fresh & Fruity Vegan Friendly


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