Why Can Wine?

When talking with people about wine in a can one question is always asked; does it affect the flavour? The simple answer is no, the long answer is that it can, but only in the same way bottling, using a cork, screw top, or bag-in-box can all affect the flavour. We’re not going to go into detail here, needless to say the trick is in the careful handling and sourcing of wines that suit a particular style of packaging and working with wineries to create wines that really shine whatever the vessel.

We’ll come back to why the flavour of canned wine can be excellent later in this blog, but right now we wanted to share a whole host of other reasons why canned wine is great, and why we believe it will play a big part in the future of wine.

Wine for good

Firstly, canned wine is far better for the environment that bottled wines. Often due to designated origin laws wine is bottled at source and then shipped to wherever the wine is consumed. For us in the UK that means the vast majority of wines imported from the EU are in bottle. Bottles are heavy and inefficient in shape for logistics, cans on the other hand are much much lighter, more efficient to pack and smaller. Furthermore, cans are infinitely recyclable, and they are one of the few materials to be recycled back into the same thing!  

Easy to enjoy

Secondly, wine in a can takes out all the faff involved with bottle wines. You’ll no longer find yourself searching around for a corkscrew, trying to fit a half-finished bottle in the fridge or trying to ram a cork back into a bottle. Cans will chill faster, don’t require tools to open and they’re smaller so result in less wastage or half-finished wines. Cans also won’t break when you drop them! That makes canned wine perfect for picnics, sports events or music festivals, in fact anywhere you might want to enjoy a wine without lugging a large bottle with you.

The freshest wine 

Finally, the wine itself. Canning wine reduces the wine’s exposure to oxygen which deteriorates wine over time. This means we can capture all those wonderful fresh fruit flavours in our wines and keep them vibrant and delicious. Light also degrades wine over time but with wine in a can there’s no way light can reach the wine, so no need for a cellar! Around 1 in 50 wines are corked, meaning the wine has reacted with the cork resulting in something closer to cardboard than wine - no one wants that! With canned wine you won’t get it, no cork = no corked wines.


Best off all, having our wonderful wines in smaller packages means you can treat yourself to something truly remarkable and unique without breaking the bank. If you need more reasons to drink Canned Wine, all I’d say is give it a try, you might be surprised! Cheers!

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