Wine in cans has a number of benefits over bottled wine when it comes to the environment. We’ll take you through a few of them in this blog post!

Aluminium is a fantastic material. Unlike many other packaging types, aluminium is infinitely recyclable, making it a perfect material of choice for producers looking to reduce their environmental impact. Aluminium cans are also unique in that they are one of the few materials to be recycle back into what they were before!

For a whole host of reasons, bottled wines, particularly ones from the EU are almost always bottled at the winery. This is largely to protect the wine’s designated origin status (which is an old way of identifying a wine based on where it’s from, for example Champagne). At Canned Wine Co. we stick with the grape variety, which we think is much more useful and simple way to show you what you’re drinking, and we hope you agree! Because we focus on grape variety, we can ship our wines without heavy glass packaging and fill our cans much closer to the end customers. This dramatically reduces weight during logistics and significantly reduces CO2 emission compared with bottles. On top of the weight savings, cans are smaller and much more efficient to pack, you don’t get big air pockets around the stem of the bottle, and there’s no need for lots of additional packaging to reduce breakages like you do with bottles.

Finally, having wine in smaller, more convenient formats suits modern lifestyles where people drink less but better. The wines chill faster, reduce energy consumption and store more compactly so they don’t take up too much space in the fridge. This means no more half full bottles going into tomorrow night’s dinner, or wine going off after being left out. With canned wine you can enjoy the wine at its very best every time you’d like a glass!

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