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Canned Wine Co. wants to elevate thoughtful connection between people, planet and place, through the appreciation of wine.

Exciting wines #toogoodtobottle

With award-winning wines driven by grape variety and most importantly flavour, we help people discover exciting wines from Europe’s most talented winemakers.

Expertly canned, for a perfect serve, every time.

Genuinely some of the loveliest, smoothest wine I have tasted. I can’t believe it’s in a can. An ideal serving so that good wine doesn’t go to waste if you don’t want to drink a whole bottle! Super speedy delivery too.
Really good wine in a small sustainable package - what’s not to like! Perfect when you don’t want to open a whole bottle, ideal for picnics, or if everyone else is drinking red and you want a glass of white.
Amazing experience, delicious wines!